Improve posture effortlessly.   Boost productivity.
Relieve back, neck, shoulder and headache pain 100% naturally.

Acuback 60 sec. Overview

Creator of the Acuback Speaks

Dr. Michael A. Cohen with the AcubackDr. Cohen is the creator of the acclaimed Acuball

The Acuball is used by hospitals, professional sports teams & therapists worldwide.

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"I designed the Acuback because so many of my patients hunched forward creating tremendous negative effects in their body. You'll love how the Acuback keeps you sitting upright. It also releases back, neck, leg, thigh & hand tension making you feel better 100% naturally. Enjoy it."

- Dr. Michael A. Cohen.

Incredible Healthcare Value

Complete Acuback Kit $39.99 ~ 15 day money back guarantee

How much does one treatment cost??

1 The Acuback's patented design restores the natural curvature of your lower back, realigning the upper back and neck effortlessly.

2 It's also a wonderful tool for releasing tight muscles and joints anytime you need it.

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The Acuback Kit includes:

  1. The Acuback's patented HEATABLE design keeps you sitting upright and effectively releases back, neck, leg, thigh and hand tension making you feel better 100% naturally.
  2. Chair holding strap and carrying bag allowing you to keep your Acuback suspended on your chair for easy use and take it anywhere you need it (movie, train, friend's house, etc.).
  3. Easy use instructions to get you feeling better right away.
  4. Heating tag
  5. Dr. Cohen's 7 Essentials of Healthy Computing
    Dr. Cohen has summarized the latest scientific research on what computers do to your body and given you THE PRECISE INFORMATION YOU NEED TO KNOW in an easy to read format. Some of the findings leading researches have discovered will shock you: for instance, did you know that colon cancer rates increase when you sit for extended periods of time using a computer?

    Dr. Cohen's simple solutions to common computer issues are effective, simple to implement and don't cost a cent! He's done the work for you, making the 7 Essentials of Healthy Computing a must for anyone that uses a computer.

    Includes a special bonus link to easy FREE ONLINE STRETCH PROGRAMS specifically designed by Dr. Cohen for computer users. These will decrease your pain, improve performance and help revitalize you throughout your day making a big difference in the way you feel and work. 


The Acuback has made a big difference for my neck pain and I wanted to write in and thank you. I use it every night after I heat it up - I love the heat!!! I put it on top of my pillow and just relax into it. Many times I’ve fallen asleep it’s so relaxing. My headaches have disappeared and its such a relief not to have to take pills every day. Thanks again for such a wonderful product!
- Jenna Shuter

My Chiropractor recommended Dr. Cohen’s Acuball to me, which I loved. When I saw his Acuback product on TV I had to try it and once again it’s amazing - totally helps me when I’m sitting at my computer. It keeps me sitting much straighter instead of hunching forward. It also reminds me about my body - I tend to get really absorbed in my work but the Acuback keeps me aware of how I am sitting. I think every computer user should have an Acuback. One more thing; I bought one for my sister in the Philippines and she loved it so much she asked me to send her 5 more for her office staff! Please let me know when Dr. Cohen creates another product.
- Cindy Del Rosario

As a triathlete who does a lot of physical damage from training I needed a tool to help loosen my legs, especially my hamstrings and T.F.L. My coach recommended the Acuback and I am very impressed with how much it’s helped me. I used to use a foam roller but the Acuback’s heat and penetration power are far better. I can also take it anywhere and that’s important since I travel a lot. Just wanted you to know that most products don’t really do much but this once definitely does. Please keep up the good work.
- Greg Mason

I am a physiotherapist who does a lot of consulting work with large companies who have considerable issues with computer strain. We started testing the Acuback and immediately got great feedback from employees who were able to change their office posture with minimal effort. I cannot convey how much this has helped people and me! My job is a lot easier now and the fact that the Acuback is such a pleasure to use has made implementation very easy. This really is an amazing product. Thank you for helping a LOT of people.
- Alison Debarres, PT


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Did you know?
Dr. Cohen is the inventor of the Acuball.
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Health Canada Medical Device Established License 5928. US and International patents awarded.The only ball that's heatable. 10 years of research and testing. Used in hospitals.Dr. Oz chose the Acuball as an alternative health must-have for back and neck pain.Used by athletes in the NHL and NBA.

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